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Medical Cannabis is used to relieve symptoms. It isn’t used to treat or cure diseases. Using it won’t change the outcome of a certain disease. But it can ease certain symptoms, make you feel better, and improve your quality of life.

Narrative reports and the aftereffects of randomized clinical preliminaries have recommended that cannabis might be helpful in the administration of an assortment of conditions, including torment, spasticity, queasiness, anorexia, and seizures. (In a randomized clinical preliminary, members are relegated by opportunity to various treatment gatherings.)

Effectiveness Of Medical Cannabis

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Medical cannabis is most oftentimes regulated either by smoking or vaporization or as palatable arrangements. None of these methodologies has been normalized, nonetheless, and the adequacy of palatable cannabis arrangements has not been assessed in clinical preliminaries.

Smoked cannabis has been assessed in few randomized controlled preliminaries including patients experiencing neuropathic torment conditions.In every one of the preliminaries, patients encountered a decrease in torment power at THC convergences of 3.9 percent or higher. A zero percent THC portion was utilized as the fake treatment condition;

Medical Cannabis

The primary purpose of medical cannabis use is symptom relief and improved function and overall quality of life. Reductions in doses (if not complete cessation) of other medications should be strongly considered. Clinical evidence of such outcomes is lacking, however, and it remains the responsibility of the treating physician and the patient to work toward the achievement of mutually agreed-upon goals.

A major safety concern associated with medical cannabis is the possibility of medical use encouraging or transitioning into recreational use, which is associated with side effects that range from acute to chronic. Acute effects include intoxication, impaired cognition and motor function, elevated heart rate, anxiety, and psychosis in predisposed individuals.